Roy Keane's Lucky Scarf

A story of mine, Missing In Action, was accepted today by Benjamin Judge's short story website, Roy Keane's Lucky Scarf.

Apparently, mine will be the last ever story to appear on the site... I hope that's because the editor was planning to wind down the site anyway, and not because my story has somehow killed it.

Roy Keane's Lucky Scarf seems to have been a sort of experiment to see what people would do when prompted to write a song about Roy Keane, luck, scarves or any combination of the above. Mine somehow ended up being about a hapless social worker and a knitting Miss Havisham, because old knitting makes me feel a bit sick. 

You can read my story here.

Ben Judge also has a new site, We Hate Words, for which he's looking for contributions. Sounds like fun: anyone forced to plod through life in a corporate environment of any kind, for a start, must surely have many a contender for 'Stupidest Sentence of the Week'.