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Jump Cut by Helen Grant

Christmas is approaching and we're well into long-dark-evenings territory, and it's the ideal time to read ghost stories and horror. If you're looking for a creepy read to get stuck into when it's pitch-black by 4pm and the wind is throwing sleet at the windows like handfuls of gravel, I can recommend Jump Cut , the latest novel by Helen Grant. Helen Grant is one of my favourite writers of ghost stories and suspense fiction, with a flair for Gothic undertones. In Jump Cut , Grant takes the best ingredients of Gothic horror and transposes them on to more modern concepts. Theda Garrick (film buffs will notice that she shares her first name with the enigmatic silent movie vamp, Theda Bara) is a young widow in her late 20s, mourning the traumatic loss of her handsome, capable husband Max, without a job following her pre-wedding redundancy and without the emotional support of family or friends. Looking for a project in which she can fully immerse herself, Theda hopes to writ

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