#bookaday 5: Doesn't belong to me

Thirteen years ago I had a relatively brief on-off fling with a man who turned out to be a complete tit. 

At some point during that period he lent me this book: Black Vinyl, White Powder by Simon Napier-Bell. Napier-Bell is a music industry professional with five decades of experience as songwriter and manager, and Black Vinyl, White Powder is partly a memoir and partly a revealing insider's history of the British music industry. I'd recommend to anyone with an interest in pop music, or just popular culture in general. It's immensely readable and entertainingly enlightening.

The ex who lent me the book was, however, less entertaining and less informed, and we parted company. I'd like to say I simply forgot to give him back the book, but I actually kept it on purpose because I thought I might as well get at least something from the relationship. I had actually completely forgotten that the book didn't belong to me until I had to write this post.

Here it is, looking guilty on the shelf.